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Saturday Morning Breakfast

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June 18 2000 PMEL Picnic @ Buckley AFB


These are the things I see every day on the way to work !

The pictures below are from my monthly trip to Canon City, 125 miles southwest of Denver.

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The moon above small hills of red sandstone            Layered rock outcroppings

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       Water plant I service with new 36" line to tank             Layered rock of red sandstone     

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Red rock outcroppings

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Castle Rock in Castle Rock, Colorado         20 foot statue of beetle on Hwy 115

Pictures below from Estes Park Area

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Coyote sneaking away!!!                  Big Elk Meadows Lake 

The kayaks below were just outside the water plant in the City of Golden,
where Coors Brewery is just down the road. The water plant uses this water
for drinking water.

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