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Jessica's and Chad's new baby !!!

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Julianna Emily Binnall
Est. Feb 12, 2002

Special !!!   Read All About It !!!   Special !!! 

DiGeronimo News Service
Dateline: 2:00 PM - 12 FEB 2002
Health Alliance Hospital
Leominster, Massachusetts
Story By (Great Uncle) Thom DiGeronimo
A new life form has been detected on the Planet Earth !!!!
In an exclusive news story uncovered by this investigative reporter, Julianna Emily Binnall has arrived on this planet and it is confirmed that she comes in peace!
At 6 Pounds 12 Ounces and 1 Foot 8 Inches tall, our new visitor has hypnotically controlled several of the humans that were present at her arrival and is being transported by them for the time being. The page below contains exclusive pictures of the visitor and two of the humans she now has under her control, Ms. Binnall, Chad's Mom and Ms. Sagstetter, Jesse's Mom. Nobody has been able to wipe the motherly smiles from their faces since the visitors arrival.
It is believed that the female will develop her own mode of transportation after observing the surrounding environment and acquiring more knowledge about our planet. It is also expected that she will learn to communicate verbally as she has already made oral sounds, which were considered "cute" and "cuddly" by those observing the entity's arrival.
Her hosts, Chad Steven Binnall and Jessica Eve Sagstetter said that they had been expecting her for some time, but government scientists say that they were leery of this prognostication as they had not been aware of any interstellar vehicles in the immediate area.

Chad and Jessica just smiled at the scientists and stuck to their story.

 These NEWS BREAKING Photo's by Award Winning Investigative Reporter ( Uncle ) Joey Gambino 


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Grandma Binnall               &              Grandma Sagstetter


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