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June 18, 2006

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October 03 2013

I was asking my mum about my grandmother on my fathers side who lived in Calatafimi in Sicily, and found out that her surname was Digeronimo.

My Grandmother Maria Digeronimo married my grandfather Giocchino Milanese.

I do not know how many brothers or sisters my grand mother had but i know various  great uncles etc moved to America.

That is all the information i have as i live in Wales in Great Britain so it is hard to find any more information.


Anna Milanese Brown

Anna Milanese Brown 


November 23 2009 

bededere bededere@mdp.edu.ar  


My name is Miguel Angel Caruso, am the son of Juan Pedro CARUSSO AND ANA MARIA DI GERONIMO, I live in the city of Mar del Plata. Argentina
I was looking at trying to understand language and simple may be a coincidence but my grandfather coinsidencia called MIGUEL ANGEL DI GERONIMO AND AGE OF SANT ELIA a Pianisi and effective and several brothers came to America more Presis wing city of La Plata. PROVINCE OF BUENOS AIRES after the war. Is a great pleasure for me to find this page because it always tried to know something. Of the family by my mother when my grandfather had relatives that lived inside the country, a sister in a convent in Chile, one in Canada and one in the united states.
but very little is. is that after the war he married my grandmother who was pascualina Petrucelli's father who is ascendants Raffaello de sant elia to Pianisi if this information is helpful and thank you very much blessed since

my name is Miguel angel carusso , I am son of JUAN PEDRO CARUSSO AND MARIA ANA I GAVE GERONIMO, alive in the city of Mar del Plata. Argentinean I was seeing trying to understand by the language and can be chance or simple coinsidencia but my grandfathers she was called MIGUEL ANGEL I GAVE GERONIMO AND ERA OF SANT ELIA TO PIANISI and indeed and the several brothers came to America but presisamente wing city of the SILVER. PROVINCE OF Buenos Aires after the war .es very pleasing my to find this page since always tried to know to something .de the family on the part of my mother by my grandfathers when vivia that the tapeworm relatives inside the country, a sister in a convent in Chile, one in Canada and one in the United States. but he is very little what .se that after the war the case with which she was my grandmother pascualina petrucelli that is desendiente of the father raffaelle of sant elia to pianisi if it is of aid this blessed information from already thank you very much



June 21 2009 

Hello all my name is Gerardo Di Geronimo and I live in Australia my fathers name is Domenico di Geronimo  and he was from Santomena  also he left there about 38 years ago.


Gerardo Di Geronimo

May 28 2009 

Hello Tommy, 

You take Digeronimos from across the world and put them together on your homepage.

Well, my name is Digeronimo, too. 

Could you put me also on your homepage. 

I look forward to hear from you. 

Kind regards

Manuel Digeronimo



November 5 2008

Hello Tommy

My name is Michelle Rowley, I now live near Lancaster, Lancashire in a small village called Heysham next to the sea. I have sent you a picture to look at and ask kindly if you know any information.

The chap at the back on the left as you look at the picture is Miguel Di Geronimo from Sant Elia A Pianisi, I believe.  Next to him his is cousin - do you know of these men?  Miguel's cousin Antonio (I do not know his correct surname) is my Grandfather and would love to know any information you have.

I look forward in hearing from you - I have enjoyed looking at your website very much.

Kind regards


Michelle Rowley

November 5 2008

Hi Thom, 

Thanks for the quick response! many thanks for that.

I live in Lancaster but I am originally from East Yorkshire a place called Goole.  My Grandfather was a prisoner of war and the picture was taken in approx 1943, I don't know how old Miguel was at that time but my Grandfather was early thirties we think.  The gentleman at the bottom of the picture, Antonio Di lisio  has now passed away but I am in contact with his grannd daughter and I met her back in the year 2000.  They live in Argentina.

 The three men built a wall at the farm and put on their initials, my grandfather's name is similar to Di Lisio but when we asked Antonio Di Lisio he couldn't quite remember the name, he remembered Miguel's name which is correct with the initials on the wall, and that he came from Sant Elia A Pianisi.  I know at the end of the war lots of men immigrated to America etc.

I know your family moved before the war but I am hoping someone may know of him.

I'm glad you enjoy our telly!!  we enjoy friends!

My brother lives in Washington, and my niece and nephew have now a fantastic accent!!

Thanks again

Kind regards


June 18, 2006   

Hey Tommy this is Jose Di Geronimo. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, but me and my family moved to Florida about 3 years ago. Right now I am studying at the University of Florida, and I am trying to get my Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering.

I think it's kind of cool to know that there is a place where we can all communicate. I hope we all can keep in touch. By the way, just send me and e-mail if anyone has any question about my family.
See you all,
Jose Di Geronimo.


May 24, 2004

Hola Me llamo Nicolas Di Geronimo soy de Argentina Cordoba y queria comunicarme con usted por asuntos faliares ya que tenesmo el mismo apellido, mis tatara abuelos bienen de Italia y usted
Espero su respuesta

                            Gracias Asta pronto.

                                                        Nicolás Di Gerónimo 



May 18, 2004

Hello Tommy

 My name is Evelyn, from NW Jersey.

I've just started researching my ancestry on ancestry.com and got your email from the message board.  My paternal grandmother was Claudina DiGeronimo (maiden name Iacobucci), from Rionero Sannitico, Italy.  Her father was Sabatino DiGeronimo.

Do these names come up in your family tree?

Thanks for your help!






May 12, 2004

Hi Tommy, my name is Andres Di Geronimo, I am from Caracas Venezuela. I was seaching in the web about my last name, because I didn´t know every about it. My father was Pasquale Di Geronimo Di Ruggiero, and he bornd in Santomena Italia. I would like to talk about you about the last name. It is nice that exist a page like that.


See ya




November 7, 2003

Not sure if you have any "lines" to the DiGeronimo family from Pescocostanzo, L'Aquila, Abruzzo. I have been doing some research and I have the family (paternal side) back to the mid 1600's with birth records etc. I have also been successful in finding ship manifests/passengar lists showing their arrival in the early 1900's. My maternal lines in Pecso go back to the 1700's but are not as detailed. My grandfather Paolo Pio Di Geronimo settled in the western PA area (Beaver Falls). He had a brother Victor who lived in Vandergrift,Pa. All of my paternal aunts and uncles are deceased and no one in the states has any documents or data to share with me. So I am trying to find out as much as possible using the net. I am interested in any DiGeronimo linkages that are available. My family and I lived in Padova,Italy for 11 plus years and visited the town of origination in Abruzzo and found several family members. My wife and I worked for the Dept of Defense in Italy and Germany for 20 plus years. We returned to Ft Monmouth, NJ in 1991 and retired in 1996. We are presently living in Birmingham, AL. 

Thanks in advance, ciao



Paul Jerome

April 26 2003

Hi long time no sea or what you say,

I would like to tell you that but back later in my family are from Lacedonia, I think. There were a baron named DiGeronimo. I have the family coat of arms for the family DiGeronimo. And I have it on paper. I could scan it and mail it to you. If you would like that?


Kind regards



Emilio Di Geronimo

Emilio's Picture & Coat of Arms

April 26 2003

  Thank you so much for both of your emails.  I was so excited to find your website but it was even better when I heard back from you so quickly.

I am from Cleveland as I told you before.  My family is in Construction, specifically excavation.  My father, Robert DiGeronimo, fifty-five, is one of seven children.  All but one is still living.  My uncle Don passes away when he was 35 of colon cancer in I believe 1970.

 My late grandfather, Serifino "Sam" DiGeronimo, came over to the US was born in the U. S and then returned to Italy. He returned to the US when he was sixteen years old.  We are from Rionero Sanitico, a small town about 2 hours southeast of Rome.  

My entire family, including grandchildren and great-grandchildren were in Italy two years ago and visited my grandfathers village.  We still have family there and it was the most amazing experience in my short 22 years of life.

I am in school now at Ohio State University and will graduate this December.  I hope to either go on to work in Education or make a place in the family business.  It was great hearing from you. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.

Lisa DiGeronimo



March 11 2003

Tommy - Hello from New Jersey!  I am an architect in business with my architect husband and our son.  We design public buildings for the Postal Service, schools, and the US Army among other clients.  In New Jersey a professional who incorporates is a "Professional Association," hence our email at digeronimopa.com.  

Our DiGeronimo family branch goes back to Santamena Italy.  Most people in the town have the surname 'DiGeronimo.'  We rediscovered our roots in Italy a few years ago and now correspond with the family there.  DiGeronimo Gerardo is a building contractor with six children.  It seems buildings and construction are in the blood.  For our New Jersey family branch, the family came over about 1900. Francesco DiGeronimo and Maria deNicola and settled in Jersey City, NJ.  Francesco and Maria had three children, one of them was Joseph, my husband's father.  Does this correspond in any way with the information you picked up on the family? 

Suzanne DiGeronimo FAIA



12 Sunflower Avenue
Paramus, New Jersey 07652
201-670-9200 x218 voice
201-447-3562 fax

December 12 2002


I looked at your homepage. You looked after families with the last names DiGeronimo. My last name is too Di Geronimo, but I live in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

Kind regards



Emilio Di Geronimo

April 17 2002

Hello Tommy, 

My name is Chet Karnas, but my mother is Marianne DiGeronimo of Montclair, NJ.  I was born and raised in Montclair but moved to Albuquerque in 1977.  Is this the same Digeronimo family?  The last time I looked for DiGeronimo's I went to a web page from NJ and I knew I had the right family.  And what the hell are you doing in Colorado?  I thought they were all back east!

Chet Karnas


F. Chet Karnas

February 24 2002

Hello Tom,

I am Rosemary's cousin, Donato (Donnie) DiGeronimo.  From what I know, we are related somewhere along the line.  My (and Rosemary's) grandfather was from Lacedonia, Italy in the province of Avellino.  I believe your family is from the same area (I have been there 3x since 1996).  The DiGeronimos in Cleveland are from Abruzzo, a few hours north of Lacedonia.

Last year, I met a relative of ours (from Fitchburg) in New Jersey.  I can't think of his first name (maybe, Jerry??) right now (but I'll get it).  He is an attorney and he is in his 70's.  I remember that he had a brother killed in WWII and that his wife was from Rome.

In the 1930's, my uncles remember (with all the details) visiting Fitchburg (and maybe, Natick) and meeting all the DiGeronimo's in that area.  They still remember riding in a car with a rumble seat into Boston for a night on the town.

I last visited Lacedonia in November, 2000.  Our cousin, Rocco DiGeronimo, who lives there, told me that a DiGeronimo, from Massachusetts, had been there that spring, for a few hours, looking for family members.  Rocco was not around at the time, and missed meeting him.  He was not sure who it was.

Are you related to the family that owns Victory Markets?

Please keep in touch.  I want to hear more.  I guess Rosemary told you about our Family reunion on June 2nd.  It would be great if you could come. 

Hope to talk to you soon.                                      




 February 23 2002

Thanks for the e-mail. Our DiGeronimo-Sandora family is huge. Don't know if we
are related or not. I send your e-mail to cousin Donnie who lives in Montclair, NJ and
is very actively interested in the DiGeronimo family as well. There are hundreds of
us in the NJ area all related. Hope you are able to get some information.

Hope we are related. Always nice to add a few more. We are having a family
reunion in June of 2002 which will be in the hundreds..once 400.

Donnie is a good guy and knows lots.

Rosemary DiGeronimo Sternbach






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