Tommy's House Old & New !

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house01444.jpg (23679 bytes) 
This is the North Side 

house01445.jpg (44591 bytes)
Same side, showing old deck 

house01447.jpg (44777 bytes)
The back with the old deck.

house01448.jpg (86946 bytes)
The back with the old deck.

house01449.jpg (84724 bytes)
The small tree on the right is 18 feet
from the house.

DCP01443.JPG (135967 bytes)
Front of house is hidden pretty well with
Silver Maples.


After Remodelling and Additions "In Progress"
March 17, 2003

myhouse07.JPG (150837 bytes)
Front, w/ new 6' walkway
Lot Approx 85' this side
myhouse06.JPG (119972 bytes)
Left Side w/ New fence.
Lot Approx 131' this side
myhouse05.JPG (112283 bytes)
Driveway widened 4' and
gate to back yard walkways
myhouse03.JPG (140873 bytes)
View from Driveway Gate.
myhouse02.JPG (128493 bytes)
12' X 37' Patio, 4' walkway
10' W X 8' D Redwood Deck.
myhouse01.JPG (136966 bytes)
New redwood deck and
cement patio.
myhouse11.JPG (151253 bytes)
Bocce court in the future
myhouse04.JPG (142129 bytes)
4' walkways between Bldg's
and house.
myhouse10.JPG (161059 bytes)
Deck from Back Door
myhouse09.JPG (133606 bytes)
New walkways from Deck
myhouse08.JPG (115865 bytes)
New walkways from Deck
New garden area w/ redrocks
myhouse12.JPG (133010 bytes)
119' right side w/ dog
run to back of shed.


Next day it snowed !!!          March 18, 2003

DCP01877.JPG (250025 bytes) DCP01881.JPG (243476 bytes) DCP01884.JPG (275429 bytes) DCP01883.JPG (247114 bytes)

Overnight, it snowed some MORE!    March 19, 2003

DCP01894.JPG (292528 bytes)
Snow bridging 3' gap
between the rooves
DCP01888.JPG (391136 bytes)
View from the deck
DCP01893.JPG (239777 bytes)
Coming out of the
garden-level laundry


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